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12th National Chem-E Car Competition 2017

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Kuantan, 8 April 2017̶  A team from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) emerged as the second runner-up for car performance competition and managed to secure the 7th place for poster competition in the 12th National Chem-E Car Competition. This annual event, which was held from 7th until 8th of April 2017 at Universiti Malaysia Pahang Gambang Campus, was jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and FKKSA. The competition attracted participation from a total of 72 teams, 10 of which are international teams from Indonesia and Taiwan, 36 teams from the private higher education institutions and 26 teams comprising members of the public, respectively.


Chem-ECar competition challenges students to create and construct a shoe box-sized car powered by a chemical reaction or fuel cell. The car must be able to carry a certain load of water, traverse to a specified distance within two minutes and hit a golf ball towards goal posts or bowling pins. This competition aims to showcase chemical engineering process and creativity among students to perform an accurate calculation and calibration by applying core chemical engineering knowledge in chemical reaction engineering. This competition is a good platform for students to demonstrate creativity and innovativeness in applying engineering knowledge outside the classroom.

The UMP winning team, CHEM ROVER, supervised by Dr. Jolius Gimbun, received cash prize of RM1000, plaque and certificate. Their car is powered by electrochemical cell using the anode (zinc plate), and the cathode (carbon rod) with a paste manganese dioxide and sulphuric acid as electrolyte. The car stopping mechanism is based on the magnesium-strip in acid solution, which was innovatively designed to cut the power circuit at a specified time based on reaction time.



The overall results are as follows:

Car competition Poster Competition
1st place Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya (Spektronics Aerio) Universiti Teknologi Petronas (CarBond)
2nd place Universiti Teknologi Petronas (CarBond) Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Kampar) (Magnificent)
3rd place Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Chem Rover) Heriot Watt UniversityMalaysia (The Chemedian)

The members of the teams from UMP are as below:

Chem Rover Prime Mover V4.1
Khor Hui Shi (Leader) Lee Jing Seong (Leader)
Low Chen Wei Annie Lau Ying Ying
Arics Chieng Kie Siong Mary Tang Siew Fang
Noorshahadah Binti Samsudin Rahmatulnisya Binti Abbas

 Prepared by: Dr Chew Few Ne, FKKSA

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