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Outcome Based Education (OBE)

31st March 2017 – FKKSA has initiated Outcome-based Education (OBE) awareness among its academic staff members and postgraduate research students. The OBE Awareness talk was given by Dr. Cheng, the Deputy Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies of FKKSA. The talk was conducted at Seminar Room of UMP Library, Gambang to give academic staff members and postgraduate students exposure to the concept of OBE, encompassing Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and continuous assessments of the PLOs. According to Dr. Cheng, several banners related to OBE have also been displayed at the foyer of Main Administration Office of FKKSA to enhance the level of understanding of the PLOs.


OBE Talks 1

Outcome Based Education (OBE) Talk for academic staffs and postgraduate students

OBE Talks 2

Among the attendees of the talk

OBE Talks 3

Attendees being exposed to the concept of OBE

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