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Launching of Healthy Lifestyle Campaign


Lauching of Healthy Lifestyle Campaign - 22 Februari 2017


Kuantan, 22nd February 2017 – Apart from implementing the Occupational Safety and Health management system, FKKSA moved a step further in ensuring that its staff members would be able to work in a safe and healthy manner by launching the “Healthy Lifestyle Campaign”. The program, which was organized by the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit (OSHE) of FKKSA in collaboration with the Welfare Club of FKKSA, had anticipated total participation from all faculty members.

One of the main events in the campaign was “The Biggest Loser” which offered prizes for participants who had managed to achieve the highest percentage of weight loss within the past six months. This program started with the launching ofthe Healthy Lifestyle Campaignon 22nd of February 2017 and received great response with a total of 60 participants among FKKSA faculty members.

Other events were fitness test dan mount climbing at Bukit Sulai. To add vigour to the campaign, various programs have been planned and organized throughout 2017.These include mount climbing at Bukit Pelindung and Bukit Panorama. The fitness test was also conducted to re-evaluate the level of fitness of faculty members at the end of this campaign. A wide range of sports activities would be held every month to help faculty members adopt healthy lifestyle.



Fitness Test - 2 Feb 2017 
 Mount climbing at Bukit Sulai - 9 Feb 2017
Through this campaign, faculty members were given funding to conduct sports and healthy recreational activitiessuch as futsal and also Zumba. This produced positive results as FKKSA was able to send six participants inthe “Pahang International Marathon “on 12 March 2017 and three participantsin the “Women’s Run” on 5 March 2017.
Futsal game  - 10 Mac 2017 
Weekly zumba activity 

 Pahang International Marathon - 12 Mac 2017 

 Women Run - 5 Mac 2017 

An informative talk session on healthy lifestyle entitled, "Nutrition and Weigh Loss Management" was given by Mr Azlan bin Shamsudin, Pahang Weight Loss Management trainer to help faculty staff understand the proper way to stay healthy especially in terms of dieting. FKKSA members of staff were grateful to the management and staff ofthe UMP Health Centre and the UMP Centre for Sports and Culture for their cooperation in making the campaign a success. The encouragement and support received from the management of FKKSA and the faculty’s Welfare Club significantly helped to ensure the smooth launching and the success of this campaign. Apart from the benefits gained from participating in healthy activities during the campaign, faculty members were also take this opportunity to foster closer ties among them.

Healthy Diet Talk by Coach Mr. Azlan Shamsudin from  ‘MOH KURUS Kuantan’ programme
Healthy Diet Talk by Coach Mr. Azlan Shamsudin from  ‘MOH KURUS Kuantan’ programme

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