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FKKSA Contributes Expertise in Ihe Development of Halal Products in Japan

A Halal Audit monitoring visit was held in the Land Of The Rising Sun from 29th of January to 31st of January 2018 at two food processing facilities. Dr. Farhan Mohd Said, the staff of the Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA)UniversitiMalaysia Pahang (UMP) has participated in the visit together with the auditors from Muslim Professional Japan Association (MPJA). During the visit, first, the Audit team was brought to an enzyme drink processing plant, Dainichi Seiyaku Co. Ltd. that is located in Gifu, the capital of Central Japan. While, the second venue was in a slaughterhouse, Zenkai Meat Corporation that is located in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto, at Kyushu island. The visit was led by Dr. Farhan Mohd Said, FKKSA, UMP as theTechnical Fatwa commission member, together with the MPJA auditors. The Audit monitoring agenda went well, flourishedwith good discussions and exchanges of information on the Halal concept between MPJA auditors, companies and representatives of the Fatwa commission member.

 Halal Product in Japan 1
 Group picture with the Management of Dainichi Seiyaku Co. Ltd., Gifu and MPJA auditors in front of the facility prior to the audit (Dr. Farhan Mohd Said is second from the right).

The main objective of the visit was to monitor the Halal auditing process conducted by the MPJA in Japan. In addition, this visit was also intended to examine some Halal-related technical issues to be used as a reference in the development of UMP Halal unit (co-operation of FKKSA, PBMSK and UMPH staff).The fruitful results of the visit have provided exposure on the awareness of non-Muslims in non-Muslim country on the importance of the Halal concept. Halal is not only a matter of hygiene but also take into account on product safety. In addition, the visit also promoted UMP Halal unit in Japan and created more collaborative opportunities between UMP, JAKIM and Halal agencies in Japan such as MPJA in the future.In general, MPJA is chaired by Mr. Akmal Abu Hassan, as Managing Director. This visiting program was initiated by the effort by Dr. AzizanRamli from FKKSA, UMP, which linked between UMP and MPJA.

Halal Product in Japan 2 
 Group picture with the Management of Zenkai Meat Corporation, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto and MPJA auditors (Dr. Farhan Mohd Said is second from the left).


Halal Product in Japan 3 
 Discussion is ongoing with the Management of Zenkai Meat Corporation, Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto(Dr. Farhan Mohd Said is on the left).


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