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Two Days workshop on CHEST and Professional Bodies Direction 2018

The training- workshop took place on 23-24 March 2018 at Agro Resort Semuji, Gambang. This workshop was organized by Chemical Engineering Student’s Society, CHEST and co-organized by three professional bodies in Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, IChemE Student Chapter, AiCHE Student Chapter and Energy Institute Student Chapter. In the opening session, Prof Zulkafli Hassan CEneg FEI SPE, the dean of faculty, welcomed all the participants and stated the important of managing student society professionally as a unique platform for students to engage withindustries and expand their network. Considering the recent IR 4.0 educational transformation, all students programs will have to be developed to meet changing demands. Across disciplined and emphasized the importance of information exchange and continuous cooperation among professional students’ chapter and their parents’ platform.
Therefore, this workshop was conducted to ensure the direction of each professional body was aligned with university vision and current situation. Through the presentations and discussions, the participants shared their plan and views in implementing yearly program and new programs. They came to understanding that cooperation among relevant professional bodies at university level and international level is essential. Participants also discussed in integrating the proposed activities to have more impactful program with less financial effect. Following the presentations and recommendations, CHEST and all the student chapters have made some proposals and resulting in the outcome integrated student activities calendar for 2018.

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