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Impact Factor Publication Workshop

7 March 2018 – A team of academicians from FKKSA, Universiti Malaysia Pahang has conducted a one-day workshop that was opened to interested postgraduate students registered with the faculty. The workshop was divided into two sessions, whereby the morning session saw a series of talks being delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheng Chin Kui, Dr. Herma Dina BtSetiabudi, Dr. Dai Viet N. Vo and Dr. NoormazlinahBt Ahmad. Workshop participants were exposed to the publication database, publication matrices and also tips to write high-impact manuscripts. The afternoon session involves a creation of groups for hands-on coaching by the speakers. Overall, this workshop which was attended by 20 participants was a success. A similar workshop has been planned for the near future to inculcate publication culture among the staffs and postgraduate students.

Impact Factor Publication Workshop FKKSA 1 
 Instructors with participants. 
Impact Factor Publication Workshop FKKSA 2
Dr. Herma Dina Setiabudi delivered her tips on how to write a high impact factor publication. 

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