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Research Attachment of Dr. Martin Howarth and Dr. Bipro Dubey from United Kingdom

Dr. Martin Howarth, the Director of National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering, United Kingdom and Dr. Bipro Dubey from Sheffield Hallam University have visited Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA), Universiti Malaysia Pahang from August 8th to September 15th 2017. Their month-long attachment was supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Newton Research Collaboration Programme under a Newton Research Collaboration Programme - NRCP1617/5/42: Sustainable Transformation ofFood Waste for Energy Generation and by Product Utilization.
 Dr. Howarth delivering his talk on food industry in UK
 Dr. Howarth delivering his talk on food industry in UK.
 FKKSA Newton Research Collaboration
 Dr. Howarth (3rd from left) and Dr. Dubey (middle) with some attendees right after the seminar.

Both researchers have delivered a seminar on food engineering prospect in UK, emphasizing particularly on their engagement with food industry in UK. Through this engagement, the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineeringhas managed to secure more than £4.0 million in funding for the past 3 years. According to Dr. Howarth, engagement with industry includes developing rich, long-term relationship with them by bringing together academic expertise and funding opportunities to address the challenges faced by the sector. Activities that are frequently being carried out include collaborative R&D, knowledge transfer programme, consultancy, student placements, guest lectures and also by aligning the academic courses with industry development needs.

FKKSA has also invited both Dr. Howarth and Dr. Dubey to visit a local pineapple manufacturer, Pekan Pina Sdn. Bhd. This company involves in producing processed pineapple. Through this visit, both researchers have identified areas of collaboration. Work is currently underway to establish a consortium that can link local food industry such as Pekan Pina with academics in UMP and UK, as well as industry partners in UK. In addition, Dr. Dubey has also delivered several talks for the academic staffs of FKKSA pertaining to securing research grants, and also supervising some postgraduate studentsduring his attachment in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Hopefully, all these activities can establish a long term working relationship between Universiti Malaysia Pahang and Sheffield Hallam University.
 FKKSA Newton Research Collaboration Site visit
 A visit to Pekan Pina Sdn. Bhd., a local pineapple food processing company based in Pekan, Pahang.

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