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Praveen won Maybank-ICMS Competition


Kuala Lumpur, 20 January – Undergraduates student from Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering, Praveen A/L Manogaran won the Maybank-ICMS: Decode. Disrupt. Define Competition. The competition is jointly organized by Maybank Banking Berhad and The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) and was held at Maybank Tower, Kuala Lumpur recently.

The competition is open to students from higher learning institutions aiming to expose the younger generations to the challenges in banking industry in the future. It is divided into two session; knowledge sharing with financial experts and competition concept based on simulation of case given.

Praveen, who is also the Entreprenuer Exco for Students Representative Council Session 2017/2018 said, having the engineering background does not stop him from winning the competition. He is given the case on how to reduce the number of Malaysian citizen without saving account.

“We mesmerised the juries with our presentation full of bright ideas and solutions which applicable to the case, thus have win us the competition”, said Parveen who team up with other students from Taylor, Sunway and Monash University. This winning entitles him to bring home a free entry to Golf Tournament organised by Maybank and a chance for meet and greet session with the golfers.

In his last word, Parveen hopes that students nowadays to work hard, broaden their knowledge, develop and master new skills to ensure they become the graduates that fulfil all the requirement sets by the industry.

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