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1. Where is the location of Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering?

Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA)is located in the Campus UMP Gambang near East Coast Highway, the industrial zone of chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, automotive and biotechnology for the state of Pahang. It is located 30 km from Kuantan town, about 350 km from the airport the next 10 km from Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, Kuantan.

2. When the Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering is established? How many academic programs are offered?

The Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA) of UMP was established in 2002 with the aim of providing engineering programmes in the field of chemical and natural resources engineering. FKKSA offers both diploma and degree programs related to chemical and natural resources engineering as follows:-

Undergraduate level;

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Process Plant)

Postgraduate level;

3. What are the objectives of the faculty in educating students?

The main objective of the Faculty is to address the need for manpower in Science and Technology; to increase knowledgeable and competent human capital especially Research Scientists and Engineers (RSE) as well as technical support in the chemical, petrochemical, oleo-chemical and bioresources - based industries.

4. What are the mission and vision of the faculty?

Our Mission is: "To provide for the study of chemical and natural resources engineering in an industrial context through outstanding education research and development."

Our Vision is: "To be a leading centre in producing professionals in the area of chemical and natural resources engineering, with emphasis on best industrial practices and applications"

5. What are the facilities provided by the university?

In ensuring a conducive environment and harmonious campus, facilities have been provided to the campus community. Various activities were conducted with the aim of producing outstanding students from the physical and mental aspects. Among the facilities available are as libraries, internet and information technology, residential colleges, security, sport and recreation, counseling, student associations, banking facilities, a post office and cafeterias.

6. The languages used primarly in the university?

The medium used is English.

7. How to apply?
For local students applications is through UPU ( and for international students’ application is through UMP International Office (IO) website.

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