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Facilities at FKKSA

FKKSA has 12 laboratories, most of which are situated under one roof, with an area of 11,000 m2 at Block V. The faculty laboratories have been set up to function as a teaching factory in order to simulate factory environment.  List of laboratories at FKKSA is as belo:- 

  1. Analytical Lab
  2. Environmental Engineering Lab
  3. Basic Engineering Lab
  4. Bioprocessing Lab
  5. Bio-Scale Up Lab
  6. Gas Engineering Lab
  7. Process Control and Instrumentation Lab
  8. Chemical Reaction Lab
  9. Mass and Heat Transfer Lab
  10. Unit Operation Lab
  11. Pilot Plant 
FKKSA Laboratories are the key players for the faculty. These laboratories offer consulting services and analysis. The facilities at the laboratories include a wide range of sophisticated engineering equipment and analysis tools with the latest advanced technology. 
FKKSA Laboratories provide a venue for SME and researchers to develop or produce high quality products with innovative processing technology for industries using herbs, oil, natural resources, polymers, and pharmaceutical products. 

WHY FKKSA Laboratories ?

  • Provide new technology tools for analysis/pilot plant in the east coast areas of Peninsular Malaysia. 
  • Provide a conducive research environment with consultancy services in an efficient and professional manner.
  • Offer training and quality user-friendly services in selected research disciplines to clients. 
  • Provide standard certificate of analysis (COA) and test reports

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