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Name Book type Title Authors   info Year ISBN number
Vo Nguyen Dai   Viet Book Fischer-Tropsch   synthesis over promoted Molybdenum Carbide catalysts: Catalyst design and   kinetic studies of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for green fuel production Dai-Viet N. Vo and Adesoji A.   Adesina 2014 9783639712346
Abdurahman Hamid Nour Book chapter The   Potentials of ultrasonic membrane anaerobic system (UMAS) in treating   slaughterhouse wastewater slaughterhouse wastewater Abdurahman.H.Nour; Rosli. M.Yunus;   Azhari.H.Nour; Hayder.A.Bari 2014 ISBN   978-953-51-4129-7
Mohammd Dalour   Hossen Beg Book chapter Biofiber   reinforcement in composite materials M D H Beg, R M Yunus, M. F. Mina,   AKMM Alam 2014 978 1 78242 122 1
Rosmawati bt   Naim Book chapter Membrane   Fabrication: Principles, Optimization   and Applications. R. Naim, M. Rahbari, A.F. Ismail 2014 9781482210453
Saidatul Shima   Jamari Book Biomass For Biofuels and Value Added Products 0 2014 978-967-0691-00-8



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