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Nowadays, there are many types of newly invented mix concrete such as concrete with oil palm shell, egg shell, rubber; and more. In this innovation, Spent Bleaching Earth (SBE) and Red Gypsum (RG) have been used for the making of green brick. Both SBE and RG are industrial solid wastes which generated from palm oil refineries and pigment making plant respectively. With the new invention of g-Brick, it can reduce the waste of SBE produced from vegetable oil industries which is estimated at 330,000 tons annually in Malaysia alone. So as well with the RG, with the production rate at 340,000 tons/year, which can help to reduce the disposal of waste in landfills. However, only g-Brick made of RG will be focused for commercial purpose due to the greater rate of generation of the waste, lack of designated landfill for the waste and limited production capacity of the machine as well.



To reduce the disposal problem of industrial solid waste to the environment and finally lead to the reduction of industrial waste to landfills.
To offer an economical option to the development of new construction materials and design that utilizes existing technologies which lead to another choice in the current markets for greener environment.



An important aspect in this product is to implement the existing technology and technique for a simple innovation of making green brick from waste. The functions of the innovation are to reduce the industrial wastes (zero waste) and finally to be implemented as a non-load bearing structure. This innovation offer a new mixture for the brick mix design which means less cement usage, less cost and help towards greener environment.



  • Increase brick density with simple mixing process thus leading to lower material cost.
  • High compressive strength (12 N/mm2) compared to standard bricks thus making it a perfect choice for today’s construction situation.
  • Environmental friendly approach as the production promote reduction of waste to the landfills.
  • Offer a new opportunity of business in recycling of waste for making green brick (waste-to wealth concept.


Name: Profesor Dato' Dr. Rosli bin Mohd Yunus
Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Natural Resources
Office Number : 095492920
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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