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Keratin From Chicken Feather



Keratin is a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituents of hair, feathers, hoofs, horns and etc. It has been applied as a raw material in various products ranging from hair care and treatment, skin care to biomedical and pharmaceutical products. The keratin is extracted from chicken feather using U.S Patented Technology. Keratin produced by Universiti Malaysia Pahang is free from harmful chemicals and microorganism.

The keratin protein is one the active ingredient in preparing the following biomedical and cosmetic products:

  • Anti-aging cream
  •  Hair strengthening cream
  •  Shampoo
  •  Hair treatment cream
  •  Wound healing hydrogel

Name: Profesor Madya Dr. Arun Gupta
Position: Lecturer
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Natural Resources (FKKSA)
Patent Number: US 8,575,313 B2, date of pattern: 5 November 2013
Mobile Number: +60169452760
Office Number : +6095492867
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