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International Student Exchange Program


Overseas University Students are invited to join mobility program at Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA), Universiti Malaysia Pahang. You are required for a minium of one (1) semester to experience your Inbound Study Program in our department. 

Undergraduate Program:

Postgraduate Program:

For those who interested to join the student mobility program, please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr Fatmawati Adam (FKKSA Exchange Program Coordinator) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Mobililty Program: Outbound Student's Exchange
 Adityo Nurcahya International Inbound UMP  
 Mobility Program: Inbound exchange program   

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  1. The courses at Host University involved in this programme must be validated by the Dean of Faculty/Centre of Studies at Main University as equivalent to the courses in the programme currently undergone by the student. This process will be done by Main University. The Dean's comment regarding this matter will be included in the Student Exchange Application Form.
  2. Courses that can be credits transferred are courses at Host University that have the same number of credit or more compared to the equivalent courses at the Main University. If the number of credit is less, a number of courses validated by the Dean of Faculty/Centre of Studies at Main University can be combined to achieve the credit requirement for the academic programme currently undertaken by the student.
  3. At least, 80% of course content (syllabus) taken in Host University must be equivalent to Main University.
  4. Total credit hours for transfer credits purpose should not exceed 30% of graduation requirements for programme enrolled at Main University.
  5. Throughout the courses of studies, students are only allowed to register once at any Host University.
  6. Students may enrol any courses of interest at Host University, upon Deans of Faculty/School approval in both Host University and Main University.
  7. Course content at Host University will be assessed for transfer credits for approval by Main University.
  8. Credits transferred from Host University to Main University will be calculated to obtain student's GPA and CGPA for graduation purposes.
  9. Transfer credit must be based in credit hours of fourteen (14) week-semester of studies.
  10. Minimum grade that can be considered for transfer credit purposes is at least a C or 2.00/4.00 points.
  11. Students with approved registration and enrolling for the courses at Host University are not allowed to withdraw or drop the courses with exception it has been agreed by both Main University and Host University Deans of Faculty/School.
  12. Students are not to complete their final semester of studies at Host University.
  • Exchange Program (only for degree students)
  • With partner universities
  • One or two semesters
  • In-class / research / industrial attachment
  • Both inbound and outbound
  • Around The World Program (IO)
  • Academic visits (faculties)
  • Conference presentations (faculties / SAFFAD)
  • Community programs (SAFFAD / UMP / faculties)
  • Research / data collection / use of lab equipment

  1. Students (after referring to Main University) must ensure courses enrol at Host University are equivalent courses at Main University. Course content (syllabus) that is used for transfer credit purposes will be assessed for consideration to transfer credit approval.
  2. Approved transfer credits will be recorded in Student Information System.
  3. Host University needs to submit final results to Main University students after it has been endorsed by Senate.
  4. Transfer credits will only be awarded after students make official application to Main University and at Main University satisfactory. Credit transfer application can be done by filling in Credit Transfer Form, and attach with final result and a copy of original transcript from Host University.


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