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Process Systems Engineering and Safety Group (ProSES)



Process Systems Engineering and Safety (ProSES) Group deals with the design, operation, modelling, optimisation, process monitoring and control of all kinds of chemical, physical, and biological processes through the use of systematic computer-aided approaches. Safety research activities such as process safety management and loss prevention, industrial disaster risk reduction and risk assessment.  Its major challenges are the development of concepts, methodologies and models for the prediction of performance and for decision-making for an engineered system.


Group Members

Dr Ainaa Izyan Nafsun

PhD (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany), M.Sc (UTP), B.Sc (UMP)

Process control and modelling; Rotary kiln; Heat transfer enhancement.


Dr Abdul Halim Abdul Razik

PhD (University of Waterloo, Canada), M.Eng (UTP), B.Eng (UTM)

Process modelling, simulation and optimization


Dr Anwaruddin Hisyam

PhD (UMP), M.Sc (UMIST, UK), B.Eng (UGM, Indonesia)

Process simulation; CAD; Process Integration and Optimization; Separation Process


Dr Azizan Ramli

PhD (UKM), M.Env (UPM), B.Eng (Okoyama University, Japan)

Environmental and industrial management (Environmental concerns); Manufacturing process design; Safety and quality management.   


Dr Noor Asma Fazli Abdul Samad

PhD (TU, Denmark), M.Eng (UTM), B.Eng (UTM)

Process modelling and control; Renewable energy; Fuel cell; Modelling of gasification and torrefaction process.


Dr Noorlisa Harun

PhD (University of Waterloo, Canada), M.Eng (UTM), B.Eng (UTM)

Process modelling and simulation; CO2 capture and storage; Dynamic simulation; Molecular dynamic simulation; amine absroption process.


Dr Mohd Yusri Mohd Yunus

PhD (Newcastle University, UK), M.Eng (UTM), B.Eng (UTM)

Process monitoring; E-waste recovery


Dr-Ing Mohamad Rizza Othman

PhD (TU Berlin), M.Sc (UTM), B.Sc (UTM

Sustainability assessment of chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical processes; Process modelling and simulation; Design and operation; Dividing wall column; Safety analysis; Multicriteria decision making.


Dr Ruwaida Abdul Rasid

PhD (University of Leeds, UK), M.Eng (UKM), B.Eng (UKM)

Process modelling and simulation; co-gasification of coal and biomass for production of syngas; biomass torrefaction gas.


Dr Syamsul Bahari bin Abdullah

PhD (UTP), M.Sc (USM), B.Eng (USM)

Ionic liquids; separation process for petroleum; interaction/reaction mechanism.


Dr Wan Hanisah W. Ibrahim

PhD (University of Bradford, UK), M.Eng (UTM), B.Eng (UTM)

Modelling, simulation and optimization of chemical and polymerization process; extraction of rare earth element.


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