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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

The Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree program, also known as the BKC program, was initiated in 2002 and approved by Ministry of Higher Education on 19 March 2002. This program requires students to complete 130 credits, usually within four years. This program has been developed not only to provide students with the knowledge of chemical engineering, but also to give them exposure to aspects of humanities and social sciences through subjects such as English language and foreign languages, entrepreneurship and other non-engineering subjects. The first intake of BKC consisted of 58 students who enrolled in the 2002/2003 academic session. To date, the program has successfully produced more than 600 graduates. The BKC course is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) and underwent its first accreditation audit in 2006. 


Entry Requirement

Fulfil general university requirements
  • Pass MOE Matriculation /UM Foundation Studies in Science/UiTM Foundation Studies with at least CGPA 2.70; and
  • At least Band 1 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET); and
  • At least C Grade (2.00) in Matriculation / Foundation Studies level in the following subjects:
    • Mathematics / Engineering Mathematics;
    • Chemistry / Engineering Chemistry; and
    • Physics / Engineering Physics / Biology

Curriculum Structure

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BKC) 

  First Year

Year Code Course Cr Pre-requisite
Taken Pass
1 UHL2412 English For Academic Communication 2
UQB1**1 Co-Curriculum I 1
BUM2133 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
BKF1253 Physical Chemistry 3
BKF1323 Organic Chemistry 3
BKF1513 Engineering Ethics & Professionalism 3
BKF2751 Basic Science & Engineering Lab 1
UHL2422 English For Technical Communication 2 UHL2412
UHS1021 Soft Skills 1 1
BUM2123 Applied Calculus 3
BKF1243 Analytical Chemistry 3
BKF1313 Engineering Mechanics 3
BKF1333 Thermodynamics 3
Total 31
Second Year
Year Code Course Cr Pre-requisite
Taken Pass
2 UHR1012 Islamic And Asian Civilisations 1 2
BUM2413 Applied Statistics 3
BKF1332 Electrical & Instrumentation Technology 2
BKF2413 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3
BKF2353 Fluid Mechanics 3
BKF2343 Material & Energy Balance 3
UHL2432 English For Professional Communication 2 UHL2422
BKF2143 Computer Programming For Engineers 3
BKF2423 Heat Transfer 3
BKF2432 Mass Transfer 2
BKF2443 Numerical Methods & Optimization 3 BUM2133
BKC3363 Science & Engineering Materials 3
BKF2453 Chemical Reaction Engineering I 3 BKF2343 
BKF3741 Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab 1
Total 36
Third Year
Year Code Course Cr Pre-requisite
Taken Pass
3 UHM2022 Ethnic Relations 2
UQ*2**1 Co-Curriculum II 1
BKF3553 Process Simulation and Computer Aided Design 3
BKC3533 OSH in Chemical Industries 3
BKF3463 Unit Operation  3 BKF2343
UHF11*1 Foreign Languages Level I  1
UHS 2021 Soft Skills 2 1 UHS1021
UGE2002 Technopreneurship 2
BKF3413 Process Control & Dynamic 3
BKF3472 Chemical Reaction Engineering II 2 BKF2453
BKC3492 Separation Process 2 BKF2343
BKF3731 Unit Operation Lab 1
BKC3**3 Elective 1 3
BKC3922 Undergraduate Research Project I 2 BKF3463
BKF3791 Process Control & Instrumentation Lab 1
BKF4142 Process Engineering Economics 2
Total  32
Short Sem


Industrial Training


Total  6
Fourth Year
Year Code Course Cr Pre-requisite
Taken Pass
4 UHE3**2 Elective  Courses  2
UHF21*1 Foreign Languages Level 2 1 UHF11*1
BKF3812 Process Engineering Management 2
BKC3913 Process & Plant Design I 3 BKF3463 BKF2453
BKC4934 Process & Plant Design II 4 BKC3912
BKC4944 Undergraduate Research Project II 4 BKC3922
BKC 3**3 Elective 2 3
BKC4**3 Elective 3 3
BKC3543 Environmental Engineering  3
Total 25
Total Credit 130
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