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Undergraduate Programmes

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 At the undergraduate level, FKKSA offers both diploma and degree programmes related to chemical and natural resources engineering. Currently, there are more than 1500 students enrolled in a degree full time programme offered:

 and full time and part time program of

 Entry Requirements

 Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

  • Fulfil general university requirements;and
  • Pass MOE Matriculation /UM Foundation Studies in Science/UiTM Foundation Studies with at least CGPA 2.70; and
  • At least Band 1 in Malaysian University English Test (MUET); and
  • At least C Grade (2.00) in Matriculation / Foundation Studies level in the following subjects:
    • Mathematics / Engineering Mathematics;
    • Chemistry / Engineering Chemistry; and
    • Physics / Engineering Physics / Biology

 Diploma of Chemical Engineering (Process Plant)





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